Frequently asked questions

We get asked a lot of questions – here are the answers to the most common ones!

If you register between the ages of 12 and 18, you can be a TUMO student! Seriously. That’s it. You will need (1) a parent or guardian with you when you register and (2) your identification card. Learn more here.

If you don’t have the chance to attend TUMO on regular basis in your city or village, our Camp TUMO initiative is just for you! Camp TUMO is a summer program that invites students from around the globe to come to TUMO headquarter and take part in a jam-packed experience filled with education and fun. Teens are given the opportunity to take part in TUMO’s learning system while immersing themselves in a new culture through guided tours and excursions. For more information write to us at or visit

Actually, they get something even better: a living diploma! Every student at TUMO develops a portfolio chock-full of all the projects and various workshops they’ve participated in. When they leave the center, we want them to be able not just to talk about, but to actually show what they’ve learned at TUMO.

Yes! We are always looking for experienced professionals to work with. If you are energetic and passionate about your field and want to work with some of Lebanon’s most motivated teens, please fill out a form and let’s get started!

At TUMO Beirut, you can choose up to three learning targets. By the way, you can choose both tech and design targets like robotics, 3D modeling and photography or programming, music and drawing.

Yes and no. The self-learning part of our program is done on a computer individually (don’t worry, you’ll always have the help of your learning coach). Our hands-on workshops are conducted in groups and led by TUMO staff and industry professionals.

No, at TUMO Beirut you don’t have teachers. But you do have three kinds of mentors along your educational path: coaches, workshop leaders and lab leaders. Coaches help with self-learning activities by getting learners unstuck and providing advice and encouragement. Workshop leaders are specialists who relay knowledge and skills across TUMO’s 10 learning targets. Labs leaders are professionals from around the world who lead intensive project-based labs based on the 10 learning targets.